Mister Steamy is here in the market with your laundry solutions. What does Mr Steamy do for you and how does it do it?

Mister Steamy are colorful green dryer balls just like the tennis balls with a difference. It has holes in it – one of which is used to fill in tap water. These balls once tossed into the dryer work as an iron.

How does a ball work as an iron – a ball flattening your clothes? The heated dryer heats the ball and the water trapped inside it swish out steam. The dryer rolls and so does the green ball and in this process of rolling steaming balls in the dryer rolls on the clothes and removes the wrinkles from the fabric.

Is it a substitute for an iron? No it is definitely not ironing your clothes it is just removing the wrinkles. Today everyone loves technology to help them out with the daily chores. This is a gift of using technology in the dryer. You don’t have to use an iron after drying; the whole process of removing the wrinkles is done inside the dryer.

Is it a good choice to use Mister Steamy dryer balls? The fast paced world of today has worked towards making life easier. The dryer ball is one such device – All the drying and ironing can be done in the same machine. Your effort required after the drying, that of removing the creases is reduced as it is being done simultaneously in the dryer.

Mister Steamy is a smooth solution to stubborn wrinkles that appear after the clothes comes out of the dryer. The dryer ball works its magic on the clothes and your one chore has been done with no effort from you – just adding smart laundry solutions to get the desired results. The wrinkles are reduced and you have to devote less time for an extra task that you had to do otherwise.

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