Around the final five several years there has been an exponential increase in attractiveness of poker in distinct Texas Hold’Em. With the match obtaining typical television coverage and the proliferation of web sites providing players the option to perform on-line at any time far more and far more persons are getting to be fascinated in participating in. A single of the most usually questioned inquiries by newbies is ‘What beats what in poker?’ Under is a listing of every of the doable 5 card hands rated from the weakest as a result of to the strongest. In poker the benefit of playing cards ranges from 2 (the weakest card) through to Ace (the strongest).

Large Card

The most affordable rating hand that can be reached in poker is only a substantial card.
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In this situation the participant has unsuccessful to make any of the palms beneath and they are relying on the benefit of the highest card in their hand.


A pair is relatively self explanatory it is accomplished when a participant has two playing cards of the exact denomination in their hand. For illustration 2-two or Q-Q. If 2 or much more gamers finish the match holding pairs the winner is the player whose pair is comprised of the best cards.

Two Pair

The two pair hand is when the player manages to safe two pairs of cards in a solitary hand: for example if their hand contained 5-K-4-K-five the player would have pairs of 5’s and Kings.

3 of a Kind

This is when the player has 3 cards of the exact same benefit in their hand. For instance J-J-J or six-six-6.


A straight is when all of the cards in the hand are sequential in benefit ie. 5-6-seven-8-9. In a straight the fit is irrelevant and the strength of the straight is based mostly on the worth of its optimum card (9 in the over instance).


A flush is a hand where by all of the cards are from the exact same fit. If two gamers the two attain straights the winner is the participant who has the greatest card in their flush.

Total House

A full household is a hand that includes both a 3 of a type a pair. For case in point A-A-A-seven-7. If two gamers both make total dwelling the winner is the player with the best value three of a kind.

4 of a Type

This takes place when a players hand consists of all four playing cards of a unique price these types of as ten-10-ten-10.

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