The suffering of the church in Sierra Leone transformed the church into an active participant in the political affairs of the country. A extremely adverse and destructive dimension is the reality that a number of coup d’etats were being staged in the pretty fast earlier, all of which had a Christian as Head of Condition. These coups have tremendously intensified alternatively than ameliorated the sufferings of the masses.

A resultant impact of the burning of church constructions is a corresponding decline in the membership. The Lutheran situation, even though not correctly, usually demonstrates the point out of the artwork for all denominations. The drop in membership could be attributed to a number of motives. Despite the fact that some Christians ended up killed, a significant amount migrated. This diaspora took Sierra Leoneans to numerous West African nations. There is presently in Lagos, for instance, a significant proportion of Sierra Leoneans, some of whom have no intention of returning given that they have married to Nigerians or have been recognized in any other case. These with influential kin secured tickets to the western earth when the fortuitous also entered following successful numerous resettlement courses.

A incredibly critical result of suffering in the church is that it was rendered inclined to acknowledge diverse church corporations that claimed to be Christians. It was all through this period of time that The Church of Jesus of the Latter Working day Saints, for occasion, grew to become popular. These bodies played on the poverty of Christians. Doctrines that promised a comfy life were commonly acknowledged by most Christians who noticed them as the answer to their trouble.


The church reacted to suffering in a number of strategies. There was a terrific response to the gospel adopted by a detrimental response, that is, the overemphasis put on the teachings of the prosperity Gospel. The reaction of the church to suffering in Sierra Leone are unable to be full without the need of talking about its contribution in ameliorating the struggling of people for the duration of the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone and an evaluation of this reaction in the latter in specific.

Response to the Gospel

The response to the Gospel drastically increased as a consequence of the decrease in the living specifications of the people. Hope was fully lost in the political method and all human institutions. There was a standard consciousness that the solution to the problems in the region was religious. Credit history really should be specified to the Pentecostal Church buildings that did a ton of evangelism which introduced hundreds to the conserving expertise of Jesus Christ.
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Paradoxically, Sierra Leone was possibly the to start with West African nation to acquire the Gospel. But just after around two generations, “underneath twelve p.c of the state claims to be Christian. Extremely few denominations have developed spiritually in the earlier forty a long time or made a long lasting impact on the nation” (Johnstone and Mandryk 2001, 564).

The prosperity training

The lack of non secular and biblically trained leadership is a significant challenge in the church in Sierra Leone. The Bible colleges are far too few and much among. Most of the Pentecostal churches are impartial and the leaders are not theological skilled. Most preachers are thus preaching prosperity (reviewed in the very first chapter) from a single excessive and stimulate their congregations to resist struggling, like poverty, at all value.

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